Initial 90 min Acupuncture Session

You'll receive a questionnaire to fill out prior to our meeting, and we will go into a detailed discussion about your health goals in person.  You'll get an acupuncture treatment to address your concerns, and help you feel relaxed, balanced and grounded.  The session may also include essential oils, cupping or moxibustion therapy if needed.

Following 60 min Acupuncture Session

We'll continue with our treatment plan to support your healing, and further uncover any blockages.  You will receive acupuncture and may include cupping, moxibustion, or herbal prescriptions as needed.

Acupuncture with Reiki 120 min Session

As an adjunct to acupuncture, Reiki is deeply restorative, calming, and grounding.  Choose this type of session if you feel your energy is uprooted, unsettled, exhausted, or muddied. 

Fire Cupping 60 min Session


I am in network with Blue Shield, and out of network with other insurance companies. If you'd like me to check if your insurance plan includes acupuncture benefits, please email me your name, date of birth, insurance company, and member ID# at .