Initial 1.5 - 2 hour Foundation Session

Thorough initial intake, with a detailed discussion about your health goals. We’ll likely address areas of self-care, nutrition, lifestyle, and recommendations for supplements or herbal formulas. This session will include acupuncture, and cupping or gua sha if necessary.

Following 60 - 90 min Re-evaluate Session

We'll continue with our treatment plan to support your healing, re-evaluate your progress, and address any further concerns. Sessions will include acupuncture and cupping or gua sha if necessary.

Acupuncture with Reiki 2 hour Session

As an adjunct to acupuncture, Reiki is deeply restorative and calming.  This type of session can benefit those who feel extremely fatigued, and has been shown to reduce all types of pain. (Click to read about this from UCLA)

Fire Cupping 60 min Session

Fire cupping address pain, tension, and lack of circulation. It can be done on most parts of the body, including the back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet and abdomen.

I am in network with Oscar and Blue Shield, and out of network with other insurance companies. If you'd like me to check if your insurance plan includes acupuncture benefits, please fill out our contact form and include your first and last name, name of your insurance company, DOB, member ID, and phone number to contact provider services. You can also send a photo of the back and front of your ID card, and your DOB to