Daphne Lim, LAc. MSTOM

Hello! I’m a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, with a background in psychology and a strong passion about functional medicine and nutrition.

I practice personalized medicine. Each client shows up with a unique history that is made up of physical, genetic, emotional, and environmental elements that affect their wellness.

There are some conditions that can be fixed after just one session. However, overcoming chronic health issues and living your healthiest life requires constant discipline, and is built upon everyday choices you make to feel your best.

I’ve had my own experience with lifelong autoimmune disease that manifested in chronic skin and digestive ailments. Because of this, I’ve discovered that my role as a patient is, most of all, to settle down and pay attention to what my body is telling me, to become aware of the signs of imbalance, whether it’s fatigue, depression, inflammation, or pain, and to extend this awareness throughout the healing process.

My role as a practitioner is to do my best to uncover the causes of what is making you sick or feel “off” and implement the holistic treatments that will benefit you the most.